6th Anniversary!!

February / March 2014

Yes! - It has been 6 years that I have been running Mod Mid Century and I have loved (almost) every minute of it!...and yet, as some of you know, I was in the writing, editing, publishing field prior to falling into the Mid Century Furniture world. Recently an old editor of mine asked me to work on a project and my first response was, "No Way!" But after some thought, I decided that March was a good month to take a break and try something (old) new.

I will still post an occasional item on Craigslist, but for March I will be working on a deadline for another project so this blog will be neglected. However, because I am still taking in furniture and my guy that refinishes will still be hard at work, April will be a blow-out month.

I am not gone from furniture, just on a hiatus for a few weeks - I will see you in April! (maybe it will be warm by then...)

Thanks for a great 6 years and I look forward to starting year number 7!