#1 Question: Where do you get all your stuff?

You know I can't answer that, right?

But I will be vague:  The answer is......Everywhere! I have a some furniture connections and I buy in bulk. Occasionally, I travel to new areas/regions (my favorite thing to do), but not as much as I'd like to.... 90% of what I find needs to be refinished. I have help in refinishing - I used to do it myself, but now I hire it out. It's not as easy as it looks to keep a supply of mid century furniture coming in, but it is always fun to see all the unique stuff out there.

#2 Question:  Do You Have a Store?

No, and I have no plans to open a shop - I do this from my home. I charge about half of retail because I don't have to maintain a store or store hours. However, you will never catch me bad-mouthing retail stores - they are amazing places that have a full inventory year-round with long hours.... I love the local stores and peruse them for inspiration all the time. I have been known to buy at a local shop for my house. Their selection is wonderful. I am small potatoes, selling 5-10 items a week. My prices are low because my overhead is low. 

#3 Question:  How Did You Get Into This Business?

Accidentally. I was a collector of mid century furniture with too many items. A friend told me to put an end table, dining table and desk I had refinished on Craigslist back in 2008. The response amazed me -I had no idea there were so many collectors out there. Through some of the connections I mentioned in question #1, I bought more items I loved and refinished them. My hobby turned into an unplanned small business. I read about people who turned their passion into a business, but I never knew I would be one of them - it has been amazing. 

#4 Question:  How Long Have You Been Doing This?

February/March 2008

#5 Question: Will you email / contact me when you get a (fill in the blank with an item of furniture)  in ?

I will try. If I get what you are looking for in within a week or two, I will definitely email you. However, if it goes much longer than that, I will probably not. It has been my experience that people's interest wanes or they find it on their own and it's a lot of wasted time emailing people who are no longer interested.  I do try to post items on my blog first, and then list them on Craigslist so if you check regularly, you will usually find it quickly.

#6 Question: What is the best part of your job?

At the risk of sounding like a sale-sy schmuck - the truth is, the best part of my job is YOU. People who collect mid century furniture are fascinating people. I have met a wide range of artists, from hobbyists to professional opera singers, architects and designers, young families with style and older nostalgic types  - so far I haven't met anyone boring - I have met many "characters" and I love a good laugh - customers are what keeps this job fresh. Creative personalities are drawn to the simplicity of mid century design so the customers are always as interesting as the furniture....  they are also easy-going and have the cutest kids... okay now, I sound like a butt-kisser but its true.

ModMidCentury and the Community

A percentage of each purchase goes to support a refugee family living in Denver. The family is from Eritrea, a mother and her 6 kids, and they are amazing! However, living in a new country with a new language and no industrial job skills - in a bad job market - is a challenge.

I have been working with this family for 6 years and I would love to say that they are well on their way to living the American Dream, but truth be told, the reason there are books and movies about first generation immigrants achieving success in America is because its so rare that they make a movie out of it! And yet... I love them and so I "journey" alongside them on this bumpy road. They face constant turmoil, medical problems, legal problems, poverty issues, job loss and yet, being part of their lives has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me.

If you ever want to feel you can make in difference in the world, even if its for one family learn how you can serve the refugees now living in Denver, go to http://www.lfsco.org/refugee-asylee to volunteer. (Emily Griffith and Catholic Charities also have volunteer opportunities.